Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Should You Wait until "he" comes to prepare yourself for marriage?

While reading another blog...one of my new favs www.gettogethablog.com, the blogger posed the question should you wait for a boyfriend/husband before you decorate your place exactly how you want it? Alot of women do. They don't get into Suzy Homemaker mode until they're "ready". My first apartment was a dump. Nothing matched, everything was cheap. Then two years later, at 23, I found myself wanting to live nicer, and partially it was because I wanted to have "company". I wanted someone there with me and for us both to be comfortable in the space. There's an old Juanita Bynum taping called NO MORE SHEETS, where she's talking about wanting to get married.She goes on and on about how women want to get married, but aren't prepared. "How you wanna get married and your nails too long to make a biscuit?. When I decided I wanted to get married, I went to the supermarket and put stacks and stacks of laundry detergent in the basement. How he gon be in the shower and he ask you for some soap and you tell him we ain't got none? PREPARE YOURSELF!" I've been listening to that for years, and one day it clicked. It may not be the best plan, but you don't always have a brand new pretty dress until you have a party to go to either do you?

P.S I also find it ironic how much I love to bake now and make three course meals on a Wednesday. Strange, but true.

Be blessed.If I don't post agin before Christmas , Have A Happy and Healthy Holiday!


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