Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lata for you homie, but I'm keeping my man....

This post which is inspired by my most recent heartbreak and simultaneous fallout with a friend, forced me to ask myself, why are women quicker to hold on to a man,but willing to let a friend go without hesitation?

However, I'd like to consider myself different than most....

My questions when deciding to eliminate people from my life are usually these three:

1) Can we get past this?

2) What are this person's redeeming qualities?

3) How would I view this person going forward?

4) How would our relationship change?

With all of that said, my latest episode involves a sneaky man and a sneaky friend, and although I care deeply for both of them, I still find myself in tears over the man, yet it seems inconceivable that I could sustain a friendship with the woman given her dishonesty....

I really value my friends partially because I have a really small family, and because I've had the good ones for 7+ years. I feel like I should be able to trust them.I really can't handle deception from people in general, but from a friend? Oh,no! I hold them at a higher regard.

However, if the man made attempts to improve the state of our relationship I would entertain him.I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like I want things to end better than they did.The relationship really never had a chance to live up to its potential and that's what hurts me.

But with her? I'm not sure, even now, she's not coming clean.

Puzzling isn't it?

Why do we as women peace our besties, but will ride for that man until the end of time?

Speak on it...


Anonymous Rae said...

First, awwww - sorry 'bout the heartbreak mama!

Now...this is a tricky situation...but I generally think the people you hold in higher regard are the ones who catch most of the fall out from a situation like this. In this case, your friend.

I, personally, would throw deuces to them both. I don't do drama and I don't re-trust easily. If you hurt me once, you'd likely do it again...I'd rather not chance it. Even if we did manage to patch things up, I would still keep one eye on you at all times. And in that case, really, what kind of relationship (friend or otherwise) is that?!?!

March 10, 2010 at 3:38 PM  
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