Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion Bombshell I Am....

Here it is !I was so proud to be featured on , especially since I've been reading for YEEEARS. I was so proud I decided to share the moment on my own blog.Enjoy :)

Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Amanda from New York
by Claire
Hey Guys!
Closing out our fashionable week is Bombshell Amanda :

She says, “I’m a law student from Brooklyn, New York…”

“I would describe my style as simple yet chic.”

” No matter where I am or what I’m doing I always try to feature at least one “statement piece” whether it be my shoes, my dress, or my belt.”

“..Getting dressed is fun. Thanks!”
No, thank you! Love all your outfits, especially your SATC2 red skirt and draped top!
Oh and of course Amanda has a blog. Check it out at
What do you guys think?


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