Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to Act Like A Lady.. Think Like A Man

Now I'm sure by now most of you have read or at least heard about Steve Harvey's best selling book Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man..I'll have to say I agree with some of his thoughts on man/woman relations , but there are still a few things that make me go Hmm...

Here are the highlights and the the Hmms...

  • Highlight-Every man has a plan: Steve believes that every man as he walks up to you, has already designed a plan for you . Either you're marriage material or a jumpoff., but I suggest you find out his "plan" before you get to...

  • Highlight- The cookie: Steve believes that similar to a job, men should have to wait at least three months to get the cookie/sex. He compares it to benefits on a job. You have to wait three months to evaluate his behavior and reward him...Definetely agree. Some women hand it out like gum to everyone who applies for the job..damn shame

  • Hmmm- You must have a title: Steve believes that a man must give you a title. Now this one is tricky because sometimes in relationships some things are every bit shades of grey and that goes both ways...

  • Highlight/Hmmm- Men cheat because they lack 1 or more of 3 required aspects o a relationship:Love, Loyalty and/or Support. Now this could be true or untrue for men.Sometimes men cheat for purely physical reasons. Women simply have to come to terms with that. It's not right, but there are some losers who can be getting EVERYTHING at home and still find a reason to step out...For women though..I think it applies

  • Highlight- Don't tell him you need to talk: Men shut down when you say this.Actually people shut down if you preempt a serious conversations like this. Just start talking..

For the rest, pick up the book ..Let me know what you think...

Keep in mind though it is just a book and Steve is just a man... Speak on it

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are your top 5 must haves in a man?

As I'm sitting home studying for the LSAT on this wonderful Sunday evening (still single and loving it) I'm wondering...if God sent me that right one.. right now would I even take him?

So I got to thinking what are my basic, but MANDATORY requirements?

* He must be a Gentleman

* He must be Honest

*He must be Ambitious

* He must worship God

* He must be Intelligent

What are your top 5 must haves?

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Insightful Posts to Come...

Sorry for the slacking ladies, but I'm working on a few really fun and interesting posts for the upcoming week.I'll also be replying to your posts.I really enjoyed reading what all of you wonderful ladies had to say and I got some comments.. Check back Monday..you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trading Places?

Usher scored a huge hit with his role reversal inspired song "Trading Places", but how many of you would actually do any of the things he mentions in his song for a man that's NOT your man?

  • Pick him up?

  • Take him out?

  • Open HIS door?

  • Take him shopping?

Although the song is obviously intended for COUPLES or any kind of committed "situation", there are some men who think that just because you guys are seeing each other, this song applies to them.

For example, I recently dated a guy who couldn't have done better on our first date, I mean absolutely rolled out the red carpet, but once it came time to go out again, he asked ME to pick him up! Now I'm sure that by now you can tell that I'm a relatively old-fashioned girl, but not to any extreme.If it was further into our dating life I may have been open to it, but for a second date, no way!

On top of that...he wanted me to TAKE HIM OUT!! Mind you, he had done a few things here and there for me, but he still wasn't my MAN!! And homie don't play that. Could just be me, but how far would you go for a man that wasn't quite yours?

Speak on it...