Friday, July 31, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta :In All its Foolywang Glory..

Wooooooooooooo! Bammm! Time for some eyes popping, lips busting ,wig pulling action..LOL
If you're anything like me and millions of other women (and some men) around the country you know where you were @ 10 pm last night and what you were watching.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for their second season and are serving up all the drama we've been waiting for all summer..Say what you want about the women, but they are the best thing on TV period! Although they're a hot mess at times, we love it.
I know this isn't the purpose of my blog,but I wouldnt be me
if I didn't give my two cents about these 5 entertaining Georgia Peaches:
Highs and Lows
HIGH So don't you just love Dwight and his over the top "How you doing?"status?.. I absoutely loved his side eye @ Nene when she tried to say his eyelashes weren't it!
low Why does Kim's wig still look like that? I know Big Papa left her, but they sell amazing human hair half wigs for $20.00 at most beauty supply stores (you know I know, lol). Get it together Kim.
HIGH Sheree keeping her head up and doing what she gotta do for her children, despite their multi-millionaire deadbeat father's absence. I will always respect single mothers.
low Lisa not being sure about giving Ed another baby right now...She crazy, cuz if Ed was mine? Hmmmm! He could whatever he like....
HIGH EJ! (Lisa and Ed's son) Cutest kid on the show.Definetely a scene stealer, with Kandi's daughter running a close second...
low Niecey Nash asking Lisa about drama between the cast.Now I know everyone is a fan, including other clebrities, but she should know better. Alot of what people say isn't true...or at least that's what they want us to believe..
HIGH The Tardy for the Party remix. It speaks for itself...
Runner-up HIGHest HIGH Sheree and Nene burying the hatchet. True friends are hard to come by and as mature women, being able to put your pride to the side and talk it out respectfully, gets a kudos from me.
ABSOLUTE HIGHEST HIGH!!!!!!!! Who gon' check me boo? Hilarious....Amazing.And when that guy quietly closed the door, as though this happens every Tuesday? LMAO and psst...psst
psstt...what people don't know though is that the party was put on for free for Sheree, so maybe that was the reason why Mr.Anthony wasn't so accomodating? Who knows?
Well, that's my wrap-up...your turn...Speak on it.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weave/Perm or Natural?

So, a little Birdie put me on to this video a couple of days ago and as I watched it completely in awe...I couldn't help but think three things:

1) Why are some people so ignorant? ( Not just KGB , but I am also referring to the "women" in the video)

and 2) Which idiot head- honcho gave clearance to air a video that could possibly offend half of their intended audience?

You can always tell when something is created by someone who lacks knowledge on a certain topic and so much is wrong with this video.

First off, as a black woman who is always proud of who she is and her choices, hair and otherwise, I am appauled at the way they question whether or not black women even know what natural is... Now granted there are some women who live and breathe in their weave and may not recognize themselves without it, but so what?

One of the greatest joys about being a Black woman or an African-American person period is our diversity. From our skin tone to our hair texture, we are all beautiful and women should have the right to do what makes them feel confident and beautiful, whether that be attributed to a thick shiny black afro or a 16" 1B Remy fresh out the pack.(Yes, I speak weave, lol)

But women let's remember, it isn't just KGB or even white people that are ignorant when it comes to this issue. I had a heated discussion with someone we'll just call D for now and he shed light on how confused black men are on the topic of weave.

According to D, men believe that the only purpose weave serves is to appear fake and for vanity,while not understanding that allowing your NATURAL hair to rest (under braids) can provide for healing and growing benefits. And just like D, they say one thing , but their reaction is different when you step fresh out the salon..flowing!!!

While women are entitled to do whatever they want to men really prefer us with a weave, perm or au natural?

Speak on it.......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back!!!!! ;)

Hey ladies...long time..I know...I have many reasons why I've taken a break from blogging....

1) Forgot my seriously. Everything I entered, (including what was stored in my Blackberry) didn't work :(

2) Busy enjoying the summer..almost over..gotta make the most of it...

3) Supposedly studying for theSeptember Lsat..been slacking a lil bit, but tonights the night!

Regardless of my many excuses....I'm back!!! and I got a new attitude...(No I didnt meet Prince Charming,lol).....A new optimistic attitude with a sense of humor about it all.. so sit back and enjoy the ride, cuz I'm back and I'm here to stay.